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About Us

HiWonder prides itself in creating and delivering excellent quality robotics and technological products for STEAM education. HiWonder provides innovative and complete solutions for STEAM education and makers globally. 


If you like what you see and are looking to amped up your event with something more fun and interactive, let us help you on that!

Email us at for more enquiries. 


Spreading our love for STEAM Education in community service at several events collaborated with various government agencies. Have achieved good response from various communities.


Hiwonder is glad to share our Qdee Robotic Kit and Lobot Robotics Arms with anyone who is keen to learn. 



It is our passion to spread knowledge of robotics and STEAM Education. We conduct small group coaching for more than 60 walk-in visitors of all ages. There is no age limit to learn programming.


Our products and services include development of software, hardware and comprehensive curriculum design for all ages and for robotic competitions. The unique HiWonder Controller Board is designed to extend and expand micro:bit onboard features and functions easily.


Developed for classroom based STEAM robotic teaching with exposed circuitry board for more teaching directive.


Designed and developed towards end-users with packaging, design and building construction for self-learning.